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 Cactus Eclectic ​Store, Gallery & Brunch
Open Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 5pm


Living Desert Ranch

22701 Hwy 71 W. Spicewood, Texas 78669

Located on the left side of 71 coming from Bee Cave

and on the right coming from Marble Falls​

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The cook was diagnosed with "Stage 3 Invasive Breast Cancer" and said no to chemo and radiation. In exchange for a new Lifestyle. Her menu is always a variety of WFPB items.

Her theory is it's obvious when you observe the East, "dis"ease" factors are less and pesticide use is more.  We're always going to have "toxins" they're in the air we breathe and the water we drink.  So what do we do you might ask. And what I say to you is eat more veggies to combat them move them through, fiber and water do this naturally. ​

Our body's have a natural ability to identify harmful substances. Unless it's bombarded by useless remedies, oil, sugar, dairy and meat. Stress also adds to poor nutrition. Our body's can't extract the nutrients it needs in a stressed "anxious"  environment. Once our muscles start to atrophy we can count on myofacial problems  (frozen muscles and joints) pain patterns. 

Pain is a symptom. Our pain receptors let us know somethings wrong. Changing the diet is the first thing that needs to happen. So if you've changed your diet and still have pain speak with a Intuitive Health Analyst and or check out the Ranch Whole Food Plant Based Life Style Bed & Breakfast Health Revival.

Served every week ​​​​​​​​​Thursday - Sunday Self Serve Menu 11am - 4pm 
Organic Whole Food Plant Based no oil, sugar, dairy, meat, GMO, Gluten or added Salt. Includes Decaf Black Tea sweetened with dates & Dessert

No open Brunch Holiday Weekends "Reservations only" to make Hoilday Reservations   Go here

Limited Self Serve Menu no reservations required. $15.00

  • Seasonal Menu
  • Whole food plant based organic ingredients
  • Black tea sweetened with dates
     * No meat, dairy, sugar, oil​, GMO, Gluten or Salt. 
  • Includes Dessert

In/out door seating. Pets are welcome out doors.​​Bonfire in the courtyard on chilly days & nights​​. Take out orders available.

Food is life "energy force"  and is prepared with lots of love and light. It's a pleasure to be able to cook for all who show up. 

DeAnna Lynn