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Located on the left side of 71 coming from Bee Cave

and on the right coming from Marble Falls​

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Intuitive Health Alignment Full Report $175.00

Completed over the phone or over lunch at the Ranch your choice includes paper 


What is an Intuitive Health Analyst?

An intuitive Health Analyst is a highly sensitive person who listens while observing everything around them. When they get around other people they literally merge with them. They have no intuitive boundaries. That’s just who they are. They can feel in their body's other people’s unease and success. 

For us it's like there's three people in the room when exchanging with another person. The third person is the other person's Truth which they have tucked away. They've been led to believe less about themselves from media, relationships, family, school, government, religion ... on and on. An Intuitive Health Analyst can see right through all of it. While getting to the core the thick of it. 

We live consciously reminding ourselves all we really ever have is this moment. And how we feel and treat ourself in this moment defines the next. How we see ourselves is ultimately how we see others. We live without guilt, blame, shame or regrets. Once we're aware of what makes us react to the small stuff we can let it go trust and surrender so we can move forward.

As Deanna listens to another person she can instantly read between the lines. She can hear the underline health issue and offers advise as to how to transform it. 

The people closest to us want to keep peace they’re afraid to say what they really see, they don’t want to upset the apple cart. Nor do they know what to do about it if they did. So we skirt around it, for entire lifetimes. While nothing short of encouraging the detrimental lifestyle that created the health issue in the first place. Just so they can feel better about their own poor health choices. They then pass this all onto their children, just to save face. 

DeAnna help's you step into what you already know to be true. And are (unconsciously) choosing to ignore. "Because it feels to big" or "bad" to address. Once you connect with self again you will be free from pain patterns. No need for on going discussion or sessions. You can't forget the truth or change it nor will you want to once you know it. How will you know it's truth? Because Truth feels good it resinates with your heart & soul as anxiety and stress dissolve. 

It's human nature we all have patterns we move within. An Intuitive Health Analyst is able to identify those patterns for you so you can set into your power. Ultimately you'll be the one to have to consciously uproot and redirect them. It's easier then you might think once you become aware of what is making you tick you can appreciate it. Just try to imagine what it would feel like to understand what makes you and the people around you tick. Let's Find Out Together Get Your Intuitive Health Analyst Report Today. Complete this form and you will be redirected back to this page. Come back and make your payment and DeAnna Lynn will get back with you by the end of the following business day.