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 Cactus Eclectic ​Store, Gallery & Brunch
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Living Desert Ranch

22701 Hwy 71 W. Spicewood, Texas 78669

Located on the left side of 71 coming from Bee Cave

and on the right coming from Marble Falls​

Sessions last 3 hours and include a Whole food plant based lunch Plus a Intuitive Health Analyst Report. No tipping this is not a massage its a session. My intention is to move you along feeling amazing. So much so you will enjoy learning how to keep it that way. Then you will naturally share it with your family first then your community. We will show you how.

For anyone who has forgotten 
​what if feels like to feel good and wants a reset. 

100% Guaranteed Results

non - refundable
​$25 payment for initial consult is required 

Passive Assisted Yoga Alignment

Sessions are $150. The second session is scheduled within three days of the first session following sessions are scheduled once a week. This allows time for processing. Your body will begin to unravel and so will your mind, guaranteed. 

The first step to unraveling is 10 sessions thats $1,500. Now if you pay up front full amount you receive additional Intuitive readings via email between sessions. Your welcome to discuss whatever comes up family, friends, co workers and your relationship with them and the world around you. DeAnna is not your friend she will speak openly and honestly. Truth always raises to the top so it can come up transform and move on when your ready. If your planning on paying up front you will still need to do the initial consult and apply $75 to save your space. Then on your first visit bring the remainder of the balance $1,400 (cash)

Otherwise it's $150 a session. A Non refundable $75 deposit is made on-line to save your space. The other half $75 is due the day of your session. Plus an additional $15 a week for Intuitive readings (support) between sessions via email this helps tremendously with processing all the bull shit we've been lead to believe through culture, school, religion, politics, entertainment, (disney world) the medical professions etc ... So be prepared to bring $165 to each session if you haven't paid in full. And wear something loose. Loose shorts and over sized tea shirts work best. 

In a nut shell it's $165 total a week for 10 weeks which comes to $1,650 total. If your not willing to invest this or $1.500 in your own health then DeAnna can't begin to unravel the issues in your tissues. 

  • ​​​How to afford - cancel your cable tv, your cell phone get a land line, stop getting plastic surgery , get rid of your fake fingernails and coloring your hair. Specialty coffee and eating out just for starters. Now see if you have any extra money to take care of your health. Point is you can cut back and your creating everything in your life When something is important to us we find a way.

  • If your sporting breast implants, fake fingernails - eye lashes or dyed hair. You'll have to return them to their natural state before coming to your session. You'll be required to eat a whole food plant based diet while receiving sessions. These things are superficial and are the first layer that needs to be exposed and delt with. Then we can move forward in getting to the core. 

If your still hanging in there after 10 sessions we can discuss trade for the second level.
Transitioning into more of what DeAnna is doing "Playing it Forward". 

Keep your eyes on this website as it transforms daily.